Providing the Care in Healthcare

After a busy day at the hospital, this nurse doesn’t rest. Brdget’s work continues in her neighbourhood. She is well known in her community and beyond for attending to anyone in need of medical care.

 “Sometimes I receive a call in the middle of the night. I can’t turn anyone down because I might be the only person who can help them. I have my own emergency medical kit at home for such cases.”

What makes her story even more endearing is the fact that she does not collect money for personal care that she renders. “Many of these people do not have money to go to the hospital and pay for drugs and treatment. I try to help in whatever way I can.”

What drives you to do this? “I believe that if you are a medical professional you should help in communities where they don’t have access to good health care.”

Her caring heart has saved many lives.

In the city of Jos, Plateau State, Bridget Agochi is a nurse who provides free medical services to widows and the poor n her community. Watch “Naija Diamonds” every Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) on EbonyLife TV DS tv channel 165 to hear more about Bridget and other compassionate Nigerians.

To support Bridget’s work, contact her through

Faith Alive Foundation

No 29 Zik Avenue

Jos, Plateau State

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