Sub Saharan Africa’s Mse of mobile Technology Poised to Become a Revolutionary Development Tool By 2020

24th Nov 2014 Also from Ventures Africa, a report that Sub Saharan Africa’s use of mobile technology is poised to become quite the revolutionary development tool by 2020. A report by the GSM Association informs us that sub-Saharan Africa has been the world’s fastest growing mobile market over the past half-decade. This impressive growth is nearing no end, and the region is expected to lead the global growth ladder through 2020 and surpass a 500 million subscriber base.

The report informs us that the six largest mobile markets are Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania and that these countries account for over half of the region’s unique mobile subscriber base.

Now, some growth trends expected within the next half-decade. First, the number of mobile connections, which stood at 608 million in June 2014, is expected to grow to 975 million by 2020. 3G networks are expected to grow from 17 percent to at least 50 percent while 4G should account for 4 percent total connections within the same time frame.

The mobile industry is also expected to jump its contribution to the regional GDP from $75 billion about 5.4 percent of overall GDP to $104 billion, about 6.2 percent of regional GDP by 2020.

According to Anne Bouverot, Director General of the GSMA “The mobile industry has transformed the lives of millions of people across Sub-Saharan Africa, providing not just connectivity but also an essential gateway to a wide range of healthcare, education and financial services,”

The report ends by concluding that the world of 2020 will offer a range of life enhancing services powered by a vibrant mobile ecosystem that connects the physical and digital worlds. The benefits of mobility will spread beyond communications to provide dramatic improvements in sectors such as energy efficiency, security, health and education,”

Yay Africa!

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