UN Secretary General Calls for Increased Response to End the Ebola Outbreak by 2015

24th Nov 2014 The secretary general of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon has said that the Ebola crisis can successfully be ended in two thousand and fifteen if the world increases their response to the critical outbreak which has hit some parts of West Africa, particularly Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, and has resulted in over five thousand deaths, mostly from these severely affected parts with some from Mali, Spain, Nigeria, and the United states.

The secretary general said this while speaking at a meeting in Washington with officials from the World Health Organization, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He also said “If we continue to accelerate our response, we can contain and end the outbreak by the middle of next year.”

Mr. Ban ki-moon urged the world to be more involved in the fight to curb the disease, saying that so far results in the international effort to tackle Ebola are still uneven, and that a lot more health workers and professionals in the field are needed in the countries in Africa that have been worst hit by the epidemic.

He says “Our end game is not near. We must get to zero cases. Ebola is not a disease where you can leave a few cases and say you’ve done enough.”

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