The Abuja Flasher

The volume of the music intensifies. I can see he is eager to start.

“I run a dance school for teenagers and young adults. I also help organize flash mobs to generate publicity for companies and NGOs.”

Why dance? “Dance is a natural way to express yourself. Young people have a lot of energy that must be channeled properly. My company, ReDance Africa, gives youth an avenue to discover their talents. We also provide mentoring to help guide them in making positive life choices.”

“It has also been a positive personal journey for me. Dance has opened up opportunities for me. I have been invited to speak at several youth forums and received awards and recognition for my company’s work.”

He joins the other dancers to start their next routine. With more young people like him, Africa’s future will be Bright.

Bright Jaja is a young entrepreneur in Abuja who is shining a positive example to the youth through dance. He is among other Nigerians who are shaping the future. Watch these stories Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) on “Naija Diamonds” only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

Do you want to know more about the work Bright Jaja is doing? Contact him through

Redance Africa Foundation

Website: www.redanceafrica.org, www.powerof9ja.com

Email: Jajabright94@yahoo.com, redanceafrica@gmail.com

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