The Prescription for a Satisfied Life

After a tedious 6-hour drive by road, a ferry ride across a river, and another 2-hour drive I met him at a small border community.

“Can you imagine a pregnant woman with labour pains in the middle of the night having to cross the river and drive several hours just to get to the nearest clinic? When I became a doctor I swore to give my life to the service of humanity. When I arrived here and saw the state of healthcare in the community I realized that I was given an opportunity to uphold that oath to serve.”

The community is grateful that he did. “Before Dr. Raji arrived the clinic was just a shell of a structure. Because of him, the facilities have been upgraded with equipment and drugs. Before, we had to travel far just to get treatment for malaria. Now, simple operations are performed right here in theprimary health centre.”

What is your mantra? “According to Sam Smith, ‘No society can surely be flourishing and happy of which far greater parts of its members are poor, sick and miserable.’”

Dr. Raji is one Diamond who is helping society flourish.

People in Agwara, Niger State and neighbouring communities enjoy good quality health care thanks to Dr. RajiRazaq. Watch his remarkable story of sacrifice and those of other exceptional Nigerians on “Naija Diamonds” Saturdays at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

Dr. Raji Razaq can be reached at:

Comprehensive Health Centre,

Agwara LG, Niger State.

Email: rajioworasaq@yahoo.com

Phone: 08059466400

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