Why You Must Be Physically Active

Nov 05, 2015 Sir Mick Jagger, the famous English singer and actor exercises 6 days a week and includes ballet, pilates and yoga in his regimen. He clearly gets that fitness rewires the brain to fight fear, reduces the stress response and multiplies stamina.

The Great Nelson Mandela used to walk entire days for the exercise and mind-clearing effects the discipline would deliver. Aliko Dangote also once said that his day hasn’t started without a brisk walk or jog because of its effect on his mental power. So many extreme achievers take a walk or exercise every day to beat stress.

God designed our bodies (brain, heart, bones, skin, sex organs, etc) to perform at their best when physically active! If you are used to the thinking that exercise is only for losing weight or stress is something that makes you worry, you have the wrong ideas of exercise or stress respectively.

There is enough medical evidence that exercise is a way for your body to practice response to stress. The theory is that exercise requires the same body systems (like neural, cardiac, renal, & musculoskeletal systems) to respond as they are involved in responding to stress such that exercise is like a ‘dress rehearsal’ for these systems to practice working together.

Hence, the more sedentary we are, the less able our body systems are in responding well to stress. Exercise also helps the brain to better deal with stress. People who exercise regularly are proven to have lower anxiety and depression rates than those who don’t.

Apart from the endorphin (feel-good chemical that helps the body to relax with feelings of pleasure) boost it gives, norepinephrine that is raised by exercise is a neuromodulator that helps the brain deal with stress more effectively by playing a role in releasing and modulating the other neurochemicals that are directly involved in the body’s stress response.

Just like Jim Rohn once said, “life and business is like the changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself;” I also strongly believe, “stress is less about the situation and more about your response to the situation!”
Respond to your daily living challenges with a fit mind & body, and experience the best of physical, mental, emotional, & social wellbeing.

Dr. Deji Osasona (@DrOsaz)

Wellness Expert & Affiliate coach at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy.

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