FIFTY premieres in cinemas nationwide

Dec 24, 2015 Still steaming from a ground shaking world premiere, Ebonylife Films feature presentation “Fifty” recently premiered in cinemas nationwide.

The cast and crew of the movie stormed cinemas across Lagos in surprise appearances, where they sold tickets and served popcorn.

Nobel laureate and intellectual icon, Wole Soyinka, accompanied by his Wife and Biyi Bandele headed to the cinema to catch a glimpse of the most anticipated movie to ever come out of the Nigerian movie industry.

Elsewhere on social media, the buzz was incredible as fan and admirers took to the various platforms to share their opinions on the movie.

@Honeyluks was full of praises for the movie as she said:

“You should what the movie Fifty! It is HA-mazing. The cast and crew nailed it.  Beautifully shot, well scripted, impeccable interpretation by the actors”

Still commenting on the movie, @Rita Edwards said:

“When a story is told so well, you hold your pee till credit rolls”

In conclusion, @Noble Igwe said:

“In other words, the movie “Fifty” is the new Nollywood. You should see it”

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