He asked if he could take my picture. I asked him what makes him shine.

 “You see this wheelchair I’m in, it doesn’t stop me at all. I am a photographer and I have trained other photographers. I run the Hope Dey Foundation which organizes charity events that benefit widows and the disabled.”

That’s impressive. What else do you do? “I also host a weekly radio show called ‘Hope Dey’.”

What gives you hope?“My dream is to set up a skills development centre so that more people can learn to fend for themselves.”

What is your guiding philosophy? “No condition is too big for you to overcome. No matter the situation you see yourself in, don’t give up because tomorrow will be better than today.”

In other words, hope dey.

This is the story of featured Naija Diamond, OnyinyeAmadia.k.aOnyinye Special from Port Harcourt. He dedicates his life to Skills Development and Philanthropy.  See his story and other inspiring stories on Naija Diamonds, Saturdays on EbonyLife TV Ch 165.

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