How do you maintain a positive outlook? “I learned early in life to embrace problems. When you have a problem and you solve it, you can make money because there is someone else out there with the same problem.”

What problems have you solved? “One day I was in the airport and I needed cash but I did not have my ATM card. I developed an app that would enable people get access to cash from anywhere. That is the idea behind my company Simple Pay 4 U.”

What other problems are you working at solving? “We are looking for a solution to high unemployment among Nigerian youth. It is called Project 400+. We will teach young people entrepreneurial skills with the aim of creating more than 400 new businesses.”

What advice do you live by? “Stop complaining and start doing something.”

Problem solved.

These sound words of advice come from Simeon Ononobi, an IT and technology entrepreneur based in Abuja who is inspiring the next generation to become problem solvers. Catch his story and those of other problem solvers every Saturday at 20:30 CAT on “Naija Diamonds” only on EbonyLife TV Channel 165.

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