Mother Goes Out on a Limb for Other Children.

The room was full of parents and playing children. I went to speak to one young mother who was beaming with pride.

What do you do?“I run The IREDE Foundation, an organization that helps child amputees. So far, we have provided prosthetic limbs to more than 5 children. We also provide emotional support and counselling to amputees’ families. We also organize events to break stereotypes about child amputees.”

Why did you start the Irede Foundation? “My husband and I made the hard decision to amputate our daughter’s right leg when she was two years old. As difficult as that decision was for us, I had the support of family and friends to see me through. I realized that there are other parents out there going through the same experience who don’t have a support system.The IREDE Foundation is my way of helping families who have been through our experience overcome the emotional and physical ordeal of amputation.”

What is your mantra? “Disability is a thing of the mind … at The IREDE Foundation we extendlimbs and raise champions out of child amputees. Our joy is to see these children live a self-fulfilled life

Through the work she is doing at The IREDE Foundation, Crystal is also a champion.

Crystal Chigbu is a mother based in Lagos whois providing care and support for child amputees. Every week, “Naija Diamonds” shows amazing Nigerians who are creating positive change. Watch it Saturdays at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on Ebonylife TV DStv channel 165.

Would you like to join The IREDE Foundation in raising young champions? Contact them through:

Website:  www.theiredefoundation.com

Twitter:  @theirede

Facebook :www.facebook.com/theiredefoundation

Email – info@theiredefoundation

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