White Rabbit: Secret to Successful Businesses

What do you do? “I run a business support service company for small and medium scale enterprises called White Rabbit Concepts. We organize free seminars instructing entrepreneurs on how to successfully start and operate a business.”

Why teach business skills? “Nigeria has a large youth population. Over 50% percent of young graduates are unemployed. If people who have business ideas have the right knowledge on how to run those businesses, they will not only provide employment for themselves, but they will eventually be able to employ other people. I learnt this the hard way. My first few attempts at business were not successful. I later realized that, even though I had good business concepts, I lacked the knowledge to effectively run the startups and make them profitable. After going to business school and learning the necessary skills for my business, I decided to make this same knowledge available to other budding entrepreneurs.”

If the service is free, how are you able to fund it? “I raise money from my own event management company. It is my way of giving back and ensuring that other business owners have a chance at building successful businesses and, eventually, improving the economy in Nigeria.”

What quote do you live by? “If not now, when? If not me, who? We can’t always wait for government, we can do something to make a change right where we are.”

Ijeoma Okeagu is making a change in Abuja by providing free business classes to entrepreneurs. Find out more about Ijeoma and other change-makers. Watch “Naija Diamonds” every Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

You can reach Ijeoma through

White Rabbit Concept Ltd

Website: www.whiterabbitnigeria.com

Email: whiterabbitconcept1@yahoo.com

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