What is this thing called LOVE?

By: Coach Lanre Olusola – The Love Doctor

The concept of True Love is the concept of giving.
The truth really is that you cannot give what you do not have.
Many people are living with self hatred, low self esteem, self depreciation, self rejection
Many think they are useless, worthless, and of no value. These people don’t love themselves and they cannot possibly Love others.
They simply are incapable of giving and receiving Love.
If you do not Love yourself first (i.e. have a positive self-image, a healthy self worth) you are a walking time bomb

If you don’t love yourself first you’re sending a message to the world that you do not deserve to be Loved.
It is our Construct of Love of Self or a Lack of it that determines how we react/respond to life and ultimately how life reacts/responds to us.
You have to Love yourself first and know what Love Really is experientially before you can Truly Love another person.

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