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Ojo’s in D’House! premieres on EbonyLife TV Channel 165 DStv

TINAPA, CALABAR (AUGUST 15, 2013) Viewers on the continent of Africa are in for a really exciting and hilarious time on TV as one of EbonyLife TV’s much anticipated comedy drama series, Ojo’s in D’House, begins showing on the pan African Channel.

L-R: Odenike Odetola-Odeleye (Nicole Ojo); Najite Dede (Elizabeth Ojo); Taiwo Arimoro (Samuel Ojo) and Jude Chukwuka (Tafaa Ojo) on the set of Ojo’s in D’House.

L-R: Odenike Odetola-Odeleye (Nicole Ojo); Najite Dede (Elizabeth Ojo); Taiwo Arimoro (Samuel Ojo) and Jude Chukwuka (Tafaa Ojo) on the set of Ojo’s in D’House.

Ojo’s in D’House centres on the flamboyant excesses of Mrs. Elizabeth Ojo, the matriarch of a nouveux riche family that has recently moved from a lower middle class neighbourhood into a new, upper class vicinity. In the story, the entire Ojo family has to cope with the constant commotion that usually results from Mrs. Ojo’s compulsive obsession with the pursuit of social acceptance and her relentless attempts at trying to prove to her new neighbours and friends that she is of high social standing, in spite of her ordinary background.

The bubbly drama reveals how Mr. Tafaa, Elizabeth’s down-to-earth husband; Samuel, her mischievous son; and Nichole, her nerdy daughter, all have to always be on their toes as they continue to be forced into being part of the schemes Elizabeth hatches in pursuit of social recognition. Sometimes, these attempts get her into awkward and embarrassing situations that end up being too hot to handle for her, like ending up on the cover of a notorious tabloid magazine after a bad makeover and much more.

However, the Ojo’s are not the only ones who have to contend with Elizabeth’s needless excesses. Mrs. Williams, the Ojo’s standoffish neighbour is not excited about Elizabeth being her new neighbour and tries all she can to avoid her; but over the course of a few months, to her dismay, she finds herself increasingly in Elizabeth’s well intended but disastrous visits, parties, and functions. Mrs. Williams usually ends up having to deal with one form of embarrassment or the other as a result, like a running stomach, silently enduring a horribly cooked meal, and witnessing an awkward birthday party.

All said and done, Elizabeth’s can-do spirit and supportive family always see her through these discomforting situations, although a trail of haphazard projects, abandoned hobbies and irate neighbours are left in the wake of things.

The compelling drama which now shows every Tuesday at 9:30pm on EbonyLife TV, Channel 165 on DStv, is proudly sponsored by telecommunications giant, MTN, and stars Najite Dede as Elizabeth Ojo, Jude Chukwuka as Tafaa Ojo; with Taiwo Arimoro as Samuel Ojo, Odenike Odetola-Odeleye as Nicole Ojo. Funmi Eko plays Mrs. Williams while Bassey Ekpenyong plays Bitrus Pambot Nankut.

Najite Dede (Elizabeth Ojo); Funmi Eko (Mrs. Williams) on set.

Najite Dede (Elizabeth Ojo); Funmi Eko (Mrs. Williams) on set.

According to Quinty Pillay, Head of Scripted Programming, EbonyLife TV, “The cast and story lines of Ojo’s in D’ House will make you scream with laughter and compel you to call your friends, ensuring they are watching too. Our cast is so true to life that you will wonder if the Ojo’s are YOUR next door neighours. Better keep your doors locked and ensure Elizabeth Ojo doesn’t rope you into her world of wonderful, well intended but disastrous visits, parties and functions. I bet you, this is a light-hearted and delightfully funny series, an absolute must-see!”

For Series Writer, Ayoade Adeyanju, “Ojo’s in D’House inspired me because I worked with top-class creative minds. Each episode is a reflection of our different experiences as Africans and our rich sense of hunmour.”

“This show is witty and extremely funny yet warm with memorable characters”, said Series Producer, Ijeoma Agukoronye. “Africa will look forward to inviting the Ojo’s into their homes each week for 30 minutes of great television.

For Najite Dede (Elizabeth Ojo), “Shooting ‘Ojo’s in D’House’ was an amazing experience because everybody from every part of Nigeria was represented in the cast and crew. We had a common goal, endured obstacles, had bad days and good days, but we got it done. When it was completed, it was beautiful. The programme is about Nigeria and what can be accomplished. Whenever we come together for a common goal, we make beautiful things happen.”

According to Jude Chukwuka (Tafaa Ojo),Ojo’s in D’House is the best thing that will ever happen to television in my generation.”

“It was quite an experience working on the project. I look forward to seeing how all the pieces come alive”, commented Funmi Eko (Mrs. Williams).

Taiwo Arimoro (Samuel Ojo) believes “Ojo’s in D’House was an experience that taught me that I had to be disciplined as an actor and I enjoyed every second of it.”

“Ojo’s in D’House is original and creative,” said Bassey Ekpenyong (Bitrus).Working on it was mentally and physically tasking, but we were able to produce a fine work of art.”

For Executive Producer of Ojo’s in D’House and CEO of EbonyLife TV, Mo Abudu, “Ojo’s in D’House, like everyone of our original homegrown programme, is created by those who love television entertainment programming just like our viewers. We are pleased to be showing yet another exciting homegrown content to our viewers across the continent. We will continue to deliver upscale programming that makes great statements about who we are as proud and exciting Africans.”

EbonyLife TV, Africa’s first Global Black Entertainment Channel, is in its second month of broadcast and Ojo’s in D’House now joins other exciting and original flagship programmes on the channel currently enjoying viewership in 44 African countries and receiving rave reviews internationally.



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Forbes confirms Mo Abudu as First Woman in Africa to launch a Pan-African TV Channel

Famous Talk show hostess, Media personality and TV producer par excellence, Human Resource Management Consultant, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist extraordinaire and CEO EbonyLife TV, Mo Abudu, has been named the first African woman to establish and launch a pan-African TV Channel by Forbes.

mo & forbes

TINAPA, CALABAR (AUG 01, 2013) Forbes Media, world renowned establishment which has become a symbol of distinction over the world for recognizing worthy business decision-makers, investors and progressive individuals for making real impact around the world by stimulating business growth, spearheading innovation, creating employment and influencing great change in the economy of the world, or of their nation, has named Mo Abudu as the first woman on the African continent to own a pan-African TV channel.

 In the best of Forbes Media tradition, this honour is coming to the industrious and illustrious Mo, known vastly within and outside the industry as Africa’s Queen of Talk, after months of intense research and a thorough verification exercise by Forbes.

 An incontrovertible position, the award, no doubt, firmly affirms and establishes Mo Abudu as a true primus inter pares who has indeed treaded grounds that many may have considered an uphill task even for some of the highest flying African women. The dogged, tireless and steadfast visionary known for her simple, timeless and inspirational mantra, “If you can think it, you can do it”, has continued to blaze the trail in many areas, expanding possibilities and being a huge inspiration to millions in Africa and many parts of the world.

 She has made her mark in diverse fields of endeavor, which cut across the corporate world as an Executive in ExxonMobil for nearly a decade; she was the promoter behind the Protea Hotel Oakwood Park, of which she remains a shareholder and director; she was the Founder of Vic Lawrence & Associates, now one of Nigeria’s leading Outsourcing firms, and most recently in the dynamic world of media, she is the Creator, Executive Producer and Hostess of “Moments with Mo”.

 Moments with Mo is Africa’s first and only syndicated daily talk show. It airs across 48 African countries and on cable TV in the United Kingdom. In over 7 years of its existence, Moments with Mo has transformed the face and flavor of African TV. The show has been able to achieve this feat by constantly seeking to build and project a new, stronger, more independent and confident Africa. One that speaks for itself, celebrates its people and achievements, and solves its own problems.

 Over the past 7 years of its existence, Moments with Mo has hosted an impressive list of guests. From Presidents to Nobel Laureates; celebrities to Governors; and even the US Secretary of-State, Mrs. Hilary Rodham-Clinton on her visit to Nigeria, and of recent, Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of IMF.

 Over the last few years Mo has developed other TV properties to include “The Debaters”, a highly intellectual, but vastly motivating, innovative and entertaining reality TV show that gives the youth of Africa a voice; and “Naija Diamonds”, an award winning documentary series, “Celebrating the Unsung Heroes” of Nigeria.

 Mo is also proud of her philanthropy work with The Inspire Africa Foundation and in partnership with Moreno Construction, The Harbour, a one hundred-bed home for Street children in Lagos, is near completion.

 Mo is a great believer in the media, and her strong persuasion about using media and entertainment as a tool to change global perceptions about Africa and to advance various social-economic agenda, is the driving force behind EbonyLife TV.

Being the first African woman to establish, own and run a Pan-African TV Channel is no mean feat. The quest began as far back as 2006 when the multiple-award winner began exploring the possibility of getting a channel on Sky in the UK. This has yet to happen but it will happen soon. She had also earlier approached Multichoice with a channel opportunity request. But the EbonyLife TV journey set sail four years ago, with Mo Abudu weathering every storm to see to the eventual signoff from Multichoice in 2012.

 Today, EbonyLife TV is established and positioned as Africa’s first Global Black Entertainment Network, engaging like never before, and talking to especially the youth of Africa, aged 18 to 34, the custodians of the present and of the future, and key drivers of arguably the most vital segment of the economy.

The Roll Out of the Channel is Pan African via the DSTV platform by virtue of the channel distribution agreement signed with Multichoice Africa in 2012, and a Joint Venture Agreement signed with the Cross River State Government on building Africa’s first Global multi-broadcast platform at Studio Tinapa.

EbonyLife TV is equally powered by Globecast, the leading global provider of content management and worldwide transmission services for professional broadcast delivery, whose responsibility it is to provide technical backbone and drive EbonyLife TV’s content distribution on Android, Tablets, Mobile and the Web.

On the DSTV platform EbonyLife TV will immediately be broadcasting to and watched in 44 countries in Africa and will be available on Premium, Compact and Compact Plus packages, to over 8 million viewers. The EbonyLife TV Roll out distribution strategy also includes other TV Platforms in the UK, United States, Brazil, Canada and other parts of Europe.

Mo Abudu, an infectious, passionate and focused go-getter, has built around herself a world class team of industry experts, including broadcast operations experts, technical and production crew from the most diverse of backgrounds, who are committed to the vision of building Africa’s first global black media and entertainment network.

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