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Prepare for more ‘realness’ with a second season of On the Real

The unique show is back for a juicier and more exciting second season, with its television premiere scheduled to air on 2nd August, 2017, as part of Gen-Z Wednesdays. The second season will be bigger, better and filled with more tantalizing storylines.

The edgy series follows the lives of five young and beautiful Nigerian reality TV stars who get involved in crime, illicit sex, revenge and blackmail, in their pursuit of fame and fortune, as their ill-tempered producer struggles to keep their reality show at number one.

It incorporates running commentary by all cast members and tells stories of what people are capable of doing for constant fame and fortune. On the Real will draw fans to the complex tales of these young people as they show unpleasant parts of themselves throughout the season.


Fans are closer to enjoying the sequel to Nollywood’s highest-grossing movie

After weeks of shooting in Dubai, The Wedding Party 2 is now in post-production, with many weeks ahead of editing footage, sound and special effects, before it can be screened at its first film festival.

The cast and crew worked amidst jaw-dropping scenery and spectacular venues. By all accounts, the movie will be a visual treat.

The director, Niyi Akinmolayan, enjoyed shooting in Dubai and is excited about the next stage. “It has been a remarkable opportunity to film in Dubai – it was magical and the team was awesome. We are thrilled to create something special for viewers and we are sure that they will be impressed with the movie,” he said.

After long days on the set, both cast and crew were able to unwind at fascinating attractions, such as IMG Worlds of Adventure, The Dubai Mall, and The Qasr Al Sultan, before retiring to sumptuous accommodations at Atlantis The Palm, Palazzo Versace, Armani and Ghaya Grand hotels.

For fans eagerly anticipating The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai, this dedicated team effort is a reminder of what they can expect – a hilarious, high-quality film that simultaneously entertains and raises the standard of filmmaking in Nollywood. The film will have its Lagos premiere on December 10, with cinema release in time for the Christmas holidays.


Your favourite movie is now a series

The highly anticipated television premiere of Fifty (the series) is a few weeks away and is scheduled to air on July 27th, 2017.

Set in the ever-bustling and vibrant megacity of Lagos, the series follows the lives of four women (Tola, Elizabeth, Kate and Maria) who are forced to take mid-life inventories, as ambition and betrayal threaten their relationships.

Tola is a reality TV star whose marriage falls apart thanks to an unpleasant family secret. Elizabeth is an accomplished and celebrated obstetrician whose proclivity for younger men causes a strained relationship with her daughter. Maria’s affair with a married man results in an unexpected pregnancy. Kate battles with a life-threatening illness which plunges her into religious obsession.

The series premiere took place during the just concluded EbonyLife TV & Film Festival and was met with rave reviews. We know fans will have exhilarating, emotional rollercoaster rides guaranteed to leave them eager for more.


EbonyLife TV celebrates its 4th year with its first TV & Film festival

On June 30, 2017, EbonyLife TV marked its 4th anniversary with a free TV & Film festival, which featured the series premiere of Fifty, second season debuts of shows like Sons of the Caliphate, On the Real and screenings of its record-breaking movies, Fifty and The Wedding Party.

It was a well-attended event with fans, cast of the screened shows and movies, as well as other celebrities showing up to enjoy the screenings and celebrate the channel’s fourth anniversary.

Special moments of the evening were the premiere of the Fifty series, a ‘lit’ after-party with DJ Neptune and the cake cutting, complete with a colourful confetti shower.

Since 2013, the channel has created over 4,000 hours of quality, original content and the festival was an opportunity to show appreciation to everyone who has been part of the EbonyLife TV story for the last four years. It also provided a platform to remind supporters and partners of the channel’s vision of telling unique and beautiful African stories – made in Nigeria, for the world.


Simple Habits for a Flat Belly I

Some behaviors can actually help to shrink your waistline and help you keep weight off for good. Here are some of the best behaviors to start incorporating today to lose weight and banish belly fat for good.

Deep Breathing:

Stress can pack on belly fat and lead to a host of medical issues if not controlled. One of the quickest ways to reduce your stress levels and bring stress hormones (the ones that trigger belly fat storage when elevated for long periods of time) back to normal is by deep breathing. Taking a few long, deep breaths can help to instantly relax you and cut your overall stress.


Meditation is the practice of focusing and concentrating on one particular thing, whether it  be a particular sound or object or even your own breath. This increased focus and concentration helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation. In fact, studies show that people who meditate on a regular basis experience less anxiety and depression as well.

Exercising in short bouts:

The more exercise the better, but you may not have the time or ability to exercise for long periods of time, especially when first starting out. So instead of trying to pack in 30 minutes of exercise at one time, space it out. Research has shown that working out in 10-minute intervals three times a day is just as effective for weight loss as working out for 30 minutes at once.


Sleep is such an important factor in banishing belly fat. Without adequate sleep, your stress levels increase, thus causing you to pack on pounds and fat around your midsection. Lack of sleep is also associated with reduced levels of leptin, the hormone that helps regulate appetite and metabolism. A leptin decrease stimulates appetite and promotes overeating. So in order to shrink your belly, it’s vital to get enough shuteye. Aim for seven to eight hours a night.

Maje Ayida
Fitness Expert & Affiliate coach at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy.

Website: www.olcang.com; www.edenlifestyle.com
Phone: 08077077000


What would you do?

This “what would you do?” segment is taking on more of a “what do you do?” angle this month as I ask, “what are the questions you ask yourself when you’re trying to decide if this is the kind of man or woman you want to be in a relationship with?”

During the “dating” stage after the two of you have met and been talking to each other for a while, you’ll be asking yourself questions to ascertain the direction of the relationship…whether you could go the long haul with the person or whether you should just call it quits.

I’m not talking about the normal questions that answer your physical attraction (like is he or she handsome or beautiful, tall etc…) I’m talking about the deep questions like “has he or she cheated on an ex before?”, “Is he or she a jealous person?”, “can we be ourselves when we are together?”, “do we engage in stimulating conversations?” these are the types of questions that’ll put things into perspective. The answers will tell you whether the two of you are wasting your time or if this is the real deal.

Let me tell you why the answers to these kinds of questions are insightful…if he or she has cheated on an ex before I’d say it shows weakness (I know there are so many theories to cheating that have been explored and feel free to differ but in my opinion, it shows weakness) and would you want to be with a weak man or woman?

Is he or she a jealous person? Hmmmm, now there’s a difference between jealousy and possessiveness so please don’t get the two confused. Jealousy in a relationship is healthy, it shows that the person cares consequently, a bit of jealousy is okay…it’s not a deal breaker, but if that jealousy turns into possessiveness, I’d say get out of there ASAP!

Can we be ourselves around each other? This is a big one…what’s the point of being with someone you can’t be yourself with, having to hide your true personality and how long can you put on a façade for? Trust me, if you can’t be yourself around this guy or girl it may be time to call it quits….

Do we engage in stimulating conversations? Isn’t it nice being involved with someone who you can have intellectual conversations with and who you’re on the same wavelength with? This is a very important point because even attraction can grow if there wasn’t any initial physical attraction. Yes, it’s nice to talk about the small things with him or her but sometimes having serious conversations can give you a deeper understanding of each other and teach you about how he or she views the world…

After all is said and done, there is no limit to the amount of questions you should ask yourself… ask all the necessary questions that’ll cancel your doubts, or at least direct you as to what action to take next.


I bet you didn’t know this person is Nigerian

Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel! We all know him as SEAL…I have to say, I was so proud when I found out this man is of Nigerian descent. I wholeheartedly pay him homage as he is part of a lot of people’s childhood and adulthood. A lot of us have grown up with his music, from “Kiss from a Rose” to “Crazy”, not forgetting the remake of “Fly Like an Eagle” (and they are just a few).

Though Seal was born on 19th February 1963 in Paddington to a Nigerian mother (Adebisi Ogundeji) and a Brasilian father (Francis Samuel), he was actually raised in the City of Westminster in inner London by his foster family.

Seal has won numerous music awards including three (not one, not two but THREE) Brit Awards, Four Grammy Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award (not shabby at all, ey?). As well as being a singer, Seal is a songwriter for which he has also won awards.

In regard to his relationship status, Seal was married to the German model Heidi Klum for 7 years and the couple had 3 children together (Seal also adopted Heidi’s daughter from a previous relationship, making the official number of children 4). The couple have since divorced. Seal is currently reported to be in a relationship with model Erica Packer (I think it’s safe to say that Seal has a thing for models lol).


Mother’s Day and Mothering Facts

  1. • The youngest mother on record was Lina Medina, who delivered a 6½-pound boy by cesarean section in Lima, Peru in 1939, at the age of 5 years and 7 months.
  2. • About 4 million women will have babies this year.
  3. • August is the most popular month in which to have a baby.
  4. • Last year flowers were more popular than Mother’s Day gifts and cards.
  5. • There are more phone calls made on Mother’s Day than on any other day of the year.
  6. • The number of people calling their moms on Mother’s Day has declined in recent years due to e-mail and other electronic means of communication.
  7. • Mother’s Day is the third-largest card-sending holiday.
    • Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants.

Cheers! To the women who loved us first

There are many observation days throughout the year, some we just acknowledge and others we are encouraged to put a bit more effort into, one of which is Mother’s Day and this year it is on Sunday 6th March. I know we should not be told when to show our mothers love, it should be shown every day of the year. But with the whole hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy to neglect the woman who gave us life.

Today or any day for that matter, when you look back on the past years…I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to the following scenarios and I hope by the end of this article, you’ll realise how much of a gem your mother figure actually is.

Has your mother ever tried to start a conversation with you but deep down you’re thinking “I’m not in the mood for this”, you start giving her one word answers or giving her attitude so that she gets the hint to leave you alone, and the conversation goes something like this “hello darling, where are you?” you: “mum, I’m out with my friends”, mum: “which friends? It’s getting late, please be careful”, with your eyes rolling and with an annoyed tone you respond with “mum, chill I’m fine…I’m not a kid any more”. Let’s get this straight; to your mum, you will always be a child, even when you have children of your own, that sense of worry will never go away.

When you were a baby you kept her up throughout the night whilst she tried to decipher whether you were hungry, dirty or just wanted to be cuddled, now that you’re older, you keep her up worrying about where you are and who you’re with. Mothers are truly God’s blessings that we tend to take for granted from time to time. A mother’s love is unconditional, they don’t even necessarily expect the same love back, it’s selfless, it’s unique and it’s beautiful!

The other day I came across an article that was titled “the 5 mother types”, there was the perfectionist mother, the unpredictable mother, the best-friend mother, the me-first mother. Under each category the writer stated the strengths and emotional legacy children will obtain from having mothers from each category (all were positive) however, the last category was the best and I think most of us have mothers or a mother figure in this category…the complete mother category. The complete mother has traits from the other four categories and I’d say that children of mothers from this category flourish the most and are well balanced.

Our mothers impact our lives in many ways, our emotions, strengths, attitudes and the way we relate to others. When she gave birth to you, your mother knew exactly what kind of mother she wanted to be to you and has been trying her damn hardest to live up to it. All we are and who we are, we owe it to our mothers, so thank her in a different way this year and let her know exactly how special she is. Remember, you only ever get one mum!


The “it” guys of EbonyLife TV

Tosin Odunfa has been quite the talker for as long as he can remember, so being a TV presenter is pretty much second nature. His first TV job was at 21 for a show called Hotstuff and at University in America (Howard University). He was one of the go-to-guys to be the host for school shows.

After University, it was MCing weddings for friends and family. He then became an “On-Air Personality” with Classic FM in 2010 and then he got picked to join the EbonyLife TV team after participating in the reality TV contest Mo’s Search.

Tosin loves music and his favourite musicians are overwhelmingly Nigerian. Here are some of his favourite and in his words: 2Face is a prolific songwriter writer, Vector is  a poetic lyricist who has a relaxed personality and D’Banj is an aggressive entrepreneur who makes monster hits. Chidinma is a delightful spirit with a great voice. Phyno and Olamide, Show Dem and of course Tiwa brought sexy back to female musicianship.