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JONGO: Eps 8

Showing June 30 | Episode 8

Eli and Kay begin to track down Benjamin Abaddon. As Benjamin’s mental condition deteriorates, we begin to realise how truly dangerous he is. Cornered and left with nowhere to go, Kay needs to place his trust in Eli if they are going to survive.



Showing June 23 | Episode 7 | WATERFALL

As circumstances spiral out of control, Eli is forced to reveal his secret to Maya. Kay helps Eli to investigate Abaddon Holdings, but makes a crucial mistake. Now Mr Angel is hunting Kay.


Jongo: PLAN

Showing June 16 | Episode 6 | PLAN

Eli continues to keep his secret from Maya and it’s beginning to affect their relationship. Ziv attacks a member of the unit investigating the Abaddons. After returning from a double date with Kay and Lisa, Eli gets a frantic call from the young dance student. He’s in trouble.


Winner emerges for “Win With Fifty” giveaway

May 26, 2016 Following the screening of EbonyLife Films’ acclaimed movie “Fifty”, a winner has emerged for the grand prize of “Win With Fifty” giveaway, courtesy of Skymit Motors.

Make way for the winner of Mercedes Benz B Class who only had to watch the movie “Fifty” at a participating Nigerian cinema to secure her winning raffle.

Congratulations girl!

Winner-of-Win-With-Fifty5 Winner-of-Win-With-Fifty4 Winner-of-Win-With-Fifty3] Winner-of-Win-With-Fifty2 Winner-of-Win-With-Fifty1 Winner-of-Win-With-Fifty



Showing June 2 | Episode 4 | CLOSER

We meet the psychotic Mr Angel and his accomplice. Kay takes Eli out to their old school to share something personal with him. Benjamin Abaddon agrees to be interviewed by a notoriously tough TV journalist, but who is in control? Meanwhile Eli and Maya head out to Kay’s birthday party. Ziv uses the opportunity to his advantage.


AKA turns down Democratic Alliance event

May 25, 2016 Controversial South African rapper AKA recently openly declared his opposition to the Democratic Alliance political party by tweeting that he has turned down every request of the party to perform at their events.

However, AKA declared his allegiance to the ANC political party, stating that he believes it is the only political party with the credentials and policies to lead South Africa.


Legendary musicians turn up for The Space Legend Series

May 25, 2016 The maiden edition of “The Space Legend Series” concert went down at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos on Saturday May 21, bringing to the stage legendary Nigerian musicians such as King Sunny Ade, Sir Ebenezer Obey, Onyeka Onwenu and Orlando Julius.

Other performers include Timi Dakolo, Terry Apala, Gloria Ibru, Dede Mabiaku while the host was veteran actor Patrick Doyle.


New video alert! L-Tido ft WTF – “Oh No”

May 25, 2016 South African rapper L-Tido drops the video for his first single of the year 2016 titled “Oh No” featuring South African group WTF.

The track is expected to be in L-Tido’s upcoming album scheduled to drop later this year.