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U.S Author And Poet Maya Angelou Passes On At Age 85

29 May 2014 And finally, celebrated US author and poet Maya Angelou has passed away at the age of 86.

Angelou provided eloquent commentary on race, gender and living life to its fullest in poems and memoirs such as “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” which brought her wide acclaim after its 1970 publication. She released her latest work, “Mom & Me & Mom,” in early 2013.

In October last year, Maya Angelou received a Norman Mailer lifetime achievement award in New York.


“Imagine it. A black girl from a little village in Arkansas, smaller than this little town here, this little village, imagine it. Now considered one of the most important writers. Imagine it.”

Maya Angelou possesses a long list of achievements including seven autobiographies, five books of essays, several books of poetry and an astounding 30 honorary doctoral degrees.

She died on Wednesday at the age of 85.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.


D’banj chills out with Uk’s Tinie Tempah, Labrinth and Alan Pardew in Monaco

29 May 2014 Celeb spotting! Guess who’s living it up in Monaco. It’s Ejanla HIMSELF D’banj who is living large chilling chilling with UK A-listers.

Spotted here with IK’s Tinie Tempah and Labrinth, we suspect a juicy collabo in the offing. He was also spotted with Newcastle FC coach Alan Pardew.

D’banj has gone far to say on instagram “When you’re big, you’re BIG, ehen you are large you in charge.”

We hear you o!


‘Last Flight to Abuja’ director, Obi Emelonye arrested in Lagos.

29 May 2014 Still on movie makers, we hear award winning Nollywood director Obi Emelonye got arrested 2 days back by a Lagos TV for taking aerial shots of the metropolis, using his film drones.

He decried the incident on Facebook saying, ‘they want to put me in jail for making Lagos look great”. He was however released a couple of hours later as he described the ordeal as an embarrassment.


Tiwa Savage shocks in new raucht Video, ‘Wanted’.

29 May 2014 New music alert! Well hello there you sexy, sexy mama. Newly-wed singer TiwaSavage appears to have bared all in a super raunchy new video Wanted. From the Once Upon A Time album, this video is definitely the most raunchy we have seen yet from the happy-go-lucky Eminado crooner.

The video is directed by Moe Musa and sees Tiwa grinding in various stages of raunchiness, clad in a see-through jump suit with dark opaque patches on her lady bits.

So did Tiwa go too far with this Beyonce Partition video? Let us know, hit us up @el_nowtv.


The Nigerian Bride price app.

29 May 2014 Apps are gradually taking over the Nigerian tech space and day after day, new apps are discovered for finance, business, agriculture and much more. What ever next? Well, an app to calculate your brideprice I guess.

Nigerians recently woke up to discover the app created by a company named Anakle. It asks a variety of questions ranging from skin colour to level of education and at the end, calculates how much you would supposedly be worth to a potential suitor. Along the way, the app takes a sly dig at the worlds current love for dark skin a la Lupita Nyong’o and also hints at the perception that women with PhD’s are seen to be too intimidating to men.

If you’re lucky, you end up with a top score of over a million naira with the tag – Exclusive Wife Material, if you end up around zero, the elders who calculate the score, tell you that they will fast on your behalf. Twitter buzzed with laughter for a few days as people calculated their brideprice and conversations turned to these ancient principles and their relevance to modern day marriage.

Magazine Cosmopolitan got hold of the story and, it seems they took a distinctly less amused view – Frank Kobola who wrote the article classed it sexist and horrifying and decided that it showed no respect to Nigerian women. He ended up linking the practice of paying brideprice to child marriage. Hmmm…did Nigerians agree? Apparently not…a stream of very strong comments followed the article on the Cosmopolitan page… and then the tweets began!

Some of the nicer ones? Amara Nwankpa said – Every Culture has its quirks. In Nigeria, we are mature enough to laugh at ourselves without developing a complex. Cosmopolitan, deal with it. @je_mc2 said, rather than remove the tractor of sexism/misogyny in their own eyes, Cosmpolitan is worried about the speck in the eyes of someone else.

What do you think guys? Simple, easy fun, sly cultural satire or a quiet nod to sexism. Share your opinons on www.facebook/elreports or tweet at us @elreports. Hashtag #BridepriceDrama


Forbes releases it's list of the 100 most powerful women in the world for 2014.

29 May 2014 Forbes has officially released its list of the 100 most powerful women in the world for 2014 and 4 African women have made the list. Presidents of Malawi Joyce Banda and President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf come in at 40th and 70th position. Nigerian Coordinating Minister of the Economy is the 44th most powerful woman in the world and oil magnate Folorunsho Alakija is 96th on the list.

Top on the list and most powerful woman in the world for the 9th time is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Other appearances are former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Pop Star Beyonce and Fecebooks Sheryl Sandberg.

Forbes Magazine describes the list as “its definitive annual guide to the extraordinary icons and leaders, groundbreakers and ceiling crashers who command the world stage”.

The list draws figures from politics, finance, activism, technology and the media. Entrepreneurs rub shoulders with billionaires and world leaders on this list and no matter how disparate their paths may seem, one thing connects them, these are all women of great power, impact and influence on the wlrd stage.


Algeria’s iconic monument; the Maqam Echahid, wears a new, energy efficient look.

28 May 2014 Algeria’s iconic monument; the Maqam Echahid, is wearing a new, energy efficient look. The monument has been lit up with new LED lighting technology, courtesy Royal Philips, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption by 75 percent.

Eric Heutinck, Philips Maghreb’s CEO pointed out that the lighting of the monument demonstrates the incredible advances being made in the efficiency and beauty of LED illumination.

Mr Heutinck pointed out that LED lighting innovations offer governments and policy makers  new opportunities to beautify cities while also saving energy. He added that the illumination of the Maqam Echahid helped to reduce consumption of energy by 75 percent as the LED lighting installed only use 2.6kW of electricity compared to almost 10.8 kW previously used.

Royal Philips carried out the illumination exercise during its 5th annual pan-African Cairo to Cape Town roadshow and the company intends to continue to light up iconic places across African cities, with 10 cities in seven countries scheduled to enjoy the LED lighting.


President Zuma strives to drive South Africa's Economic Transformation: Creates Two New Ministries.

28 May 2014 TimesLive SA tells us that President Zuma has gotten straight to work in creating the team that will drive South Africa’s economic transformation.

Some of his changes include the creation of 2 new ministries; The Ministry of Women, Children and People with Disabilities has become the Ministry of Women, located in the Presidency and will be headed by former head of mineral resources Susan Shabangu.

Also, a Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services has been created, to build the industry valued at R180-billion to the South African economy in 2012. President Zuma has highlighted the Post office as one with great developmental value, due to its role of delivering financial services to remote areas of the country.


TOTAL oil and gas expresses its intents to stop offshore gas flaring in Nigeria.

28 May 2014 French oil and gas company Total, is finally getting its green groove on. The company has expressed that it intends to be the first multinational oil and gas company to stop offshore gas flaring in Nigeria.

A Senior Development Engineer for the company, made this known following a visit by some Nigerian journalists to Total’s headquarters in Paris, France, according to a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report.

ThisDay Live goes on to tell us that the company’s motivation to stop gas flaring was driven by a desire to provide better energy in a friendly manner. The company’s rep also emphasized that Total had a smaller footprint than its competitors and had started to monetise much of the gas and also use the gas for reservoir purposes.

Vice President in charge of Environment and Health, Betrand de Nadaillac has said the company has another action plan to eliminate gas flaring. He added that the plan involved increasing the energy efficiency of its stations by promoting projects that emit low carbon dioxide in the downstream business.

Total has also announced the establishment of the Niger-Delta Development Community Fund for the development of the region. The company will come to an agreement with host communities to select areas for development and will also set aside a certain amount every month for the Niger Delta.


Jovago Expands its Coverage in East Africa.

28 May 2014 It seems that hotel booking site Jovago has its sights set on covering Africa this year. A few weeks ago, we reported that the service had commenced operations in Kenya, Senegal and South Sudan. Recently, the company announced the commencement of services in Zanzibar, Djibouti and Malawi.

Jovago has expressed to become the leading online to offer easy and transparent hotel booking and with Africa’s hotel and tourism showing exponential growth, this company shows no intention of being caught napping.

Commercial director of the Sheraton Djibouti hotel Sagal Mohamed shared his joy that Jovago was opening the doors of Djibouti to the rest of the world. And Managing Director Jovago East Africa Estelle Verdier shared the company’s joy at bringing customers closer to even more beautiful and attractive locations from across Africa.”