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Recipe for Pankara

Ekaete aka Laura Crave will have us craving for her pancakes made with bean flour or what she calls “Pankara” and her take on the American Southern fried chicken served with her home made sweet chili sauce. Recipe for Pankara Pankara (2 cups of beans flour) 1 egg Tbs. baking powder Half-cup flour Water Salt Seasoning cubes ... Read More

Groundnut soup

Matse takes us back to our roots with her scrumptious Ewhobobo with groundnut soup and Agbalumo juice. A traditional meal packaged in a modern way. Groundnut soup Serves 4 Delicious soup made from roasted groundnut paste cooked with an assortment of meats and spices. Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 40 min Total Time 50 ... Read More