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The EbonyLife and Times of EmmaOhMaGod.

Have you ever had your ribs cracked from laughing? It is said that laughter is medicine for the soul and in Nigeria we have quite a few individuals giving us doses. EbonyLife TV got the chance to engage with one of the best around in the industry.

Who are we talking about? None other than the comedian, music producer, artiste and on air personality EmmaOhMaGod! Read on to find out things you’ve always wanted to know and more…

Many know you as an on air personality for Wazobia Fm and a comedian, but we’d like to know about the real you. Tell us about Emmanuel Edunjobi
Emmanuel Edunjobi is a young man from Ogun State, Abeokuta to be precise. He is the last born out of 6. He is a graduate of Covenant University where he studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He is a Christian and he attends Daystar church because of the awesomeness of the choir…lol..oya let me stop there.

How and when did radio start for you?
Hmm…That’s quite an interesting story. I did my NYSC in Lagos in 2011 and while I was at camp I won all the competitions I was a part of…like the “NYSC Idols Singing Competition”, “Inter-platoon Comedy Competition” and some other competitions like that sha. When I left camp I was invited for an interview on a program at Rainbow Fm…I practically took over the whole show. Meanwhile someone was listening to the show by which the person was really impressed, and that was how I was hooked up with Cool/Wazobia Fm. From there, I became the major producer for Wazobia Fm and by God’s grace I did such a good job that I was retained and from then it has been a case of greater heights and higher grounds. I thank God!

Singers sing, actors act and comedians….? (Please complete sentence)
Lol… I would say “comed” but too much people have been using that lately, so I will say “comedize” lol.

You co host a show called ELR8D which is aired on EbonyLife TV on DStv Channel 165 every Sunday at 20:30 CAT with the amusing Chigul, how did you find the whole experience?
I found it very interesting. It was a totally new idea and very interesting one at that. I really liked the fact that it gave an avenue for spontaneity and creativity and I must mention at this juncture that I’ve got the best co-host! CHIGUL!!! It’s such an awesome experience working with her and I must say, our combo is just the bomb! #NoBoko..lol

ELR8D is a show where you countdown the eight nostalgic things that represent Nigeria, what two things represent Emmanuel Edunjobi?
Creativity and Persistence (God being my everything though because he is the one that makes everything happen for me)

Have you ever been taken seriously over a joke which escalated?
Ermm… Almost oh! One time like that I cracked a joke about Ash Wednesday on my Instagram page. It was true oh, I just came out that day and I started seeing everybody with black marks on their foreheads and they were not smiling and their movements were similar. Meanwhile I didn’t realise it was Ash Wednesday, so for a few seconds I was a bit scared! It seemed like the world had ended and there were zombies everywhere… (oya press pause here)

It was that zombie part that almost exploded oh, because one babe dropped one comment like that…but thank God it didn’t! Everybody started commenting that She was being sentimental about the whole thing…

Anyway, I sha learned a lesson that I should be more careful with my choice of words 🙂

How often do you laugh?
Lol… as often as possible, sometimes I even laugh when I watch some of my videos, imagine?..lol.. see now I’m laughing now!

What makes you different from other comedians?
The way I fuse music with my comedy. It’s a totally different feel, especially because I sing well and I play the instruments. I record and produce myself to the tune of whatever I want to portray. And most times when I do my comedy on stage I like to do it with a piano or a guitar.

In regards to presenting, what’s the dividing line between a professional and an amateur?
For me it’s how you can conveniently blend your personality with your presentation without any friction. It really doesn’t just flow easily like that, it happens with a lot of practice and continuity because that’s how u get comfortable. Once you are comfortable, everything flows smoothly. (Omo nawa o I hope say I no go confuse myself with these many englishes..lol)

If you could talk to someone in history, who would it be and what would you talk about or ask?
Hian! Nawao!! I think Jesus and I will just ask Him how I should live my life successfully and make heaven..lol.. although I can do that now, and I dey do am as I dey pray 🙂

How many times do you let your phone ring before answering?
Lol.. I answer as soon as I get to it noni oh! Okay, sometimes I let people hear my #OhEmGeeCallertunes just in case they want to download it.

When is your favourite time of year?
End of the year… because that’s when my calendar is busiest and the money flow is ceaseless. Oshay! See rhyme na..lol

My life would be so much better if…(Please complete sentence)
Adam did not eat that fruit in the Garden of Eden

Where were you this time last year?
Ermm…. I think I had a wedding to anchor in Benin

What 3 things drive your life?

In my spare time I…(Please complete sentence)
Watch TV, play my guitar, sing, produce and record songs, go to the cinema and I try to pray!

What are your plans for the rest of the year? For EmmaOhMaGod and Emmanuel Edunjobi?
EmmaOhMaGod – I just released my first comedy album tagged “OhEmGee series 1 – Let’s Go to Church”… currently selling on itunes and Amazon…—> http://smarturl.it/EmmaOMG <—that’s the link 😉 and it’s going to be available on CD soon too…In fact it should be available by the time this interview goes up. So I’m going to be pushing it and I’m going to be working on some other projects.

Emmanuel Edunjobi – I’m going to get more settled in some areas of my life… you know say boys don dey old small small..lol.. (a word is enough) *wink*

Thank you for letting us into the world of EmmaOhMaGod, we truly wish you the very best with all your future endeavours.
Stay tuned for the next EbonyLife and Times edition where a good time is had by all! And remember, life is short and time is swift so don’t dull, make a difference


EL R8D – Rib-cracking countdown show gets rave reviews across Naija (No be say mai mai)

EbonyLife TV doesn’t seem to have any plans of stopping their steady influx of new, innovative homegrown shows that continue to change the face of African entertainment with the introduction of a pidgin-oriented hilarious countdown show, named EL R8D.

EL R8D is a countdown show with a funny, witty edge that will help our local and foreign audience see and understand the best sides of Nigeria. It is hosted by two funny personalities, humorous Chi Gurl & Wazobia Fm’s Emma Oh Ma God, who relay the show in easy Lagos styled Pidgin English, making it a programme every indigenous person can relate to without losing the foreign viewers attention.

Each episode features a countdown rating of 8 nostalgic things that represent Nigeria and it also includes a segment, ‘Pidgin English Phrase of the Day’, where the hosts teach the viewers “Pidgin” – the universal language that connects over 500 different Nigerian languages, thereby linking every Nigerian, in and out of the diaspora.

The topics that are rated include: Naija Ways, Evergreen Nollywood movies, Timeless hairstyles, Naija Slangs and expressions, Fun Facts about Nigeria, etc.

Premiering on April 6th 2014, on EbonyLife TV, DStv Ch 165, the show promises to reveal the real, unblemished side of Nigerians, who we are and how our cultures define us.

Watch out for the funniest TV countdown you’ll ever see.


The EbonyLife and Times of Chigul

We all know Chigul for her ability to create comedy through several different accents, her capability to create songs within minutes and her natural bubbly personality. EbonyLife TV had the chance of catching up with her, we tried to dig deep as we asked her all sorts of questions, from what her most embarrassing moment is to whether she prefers KFC or Chicken Republic. Read on to find this out and more.  

You co-host ELR8D which is aired on EbonyLife TV, DStv Channel 165 every Sunday at 19:30 WAT with a fellow comedian Emma oh ma god, how easy was it for you to work together? Were there any awkward moments or did you get on naturally? .
We got on quite well. He is a sweetie pie so working with him was quite a joy. I enjoyed every minute.

What impact is ELR8D expected to have on viewers?
Well, I hope people enjoy it and it becomes one of those shows that people look forward to watching.

Did you always know you wanted to go into comedy? If you weren’t a comedian, what would you have been doing?
Chigul was not planned at all. Ive always been funny’ but I wanted to sing jazz and be a Hollywood star. Comedy? Mba nu! but….. here we are.  LOL

What happens if no one laughs?
Well, thank God that hasn’t happened yet but if/ when it does, I guess the audience’s problems have passed my talent. That is more of a spiritual problem. LOL!!

You’re really good at switching accents, how did you know you were good at it?
Well, even as a child, I could imitate people so every time I heard a new accent, d would always try to copy it. I’m also good with languages so that helps a bit.

Which is your favourite accent to mimic and why?
Ooh ! Thats hard, I love them all because they all challenge me.

Do you think comedic abilities are something someone either has or doesn’t? Or do you think it is something that can be learned?
l believe it’s a talent. I doubt if one can learn to be funny. l believe it has to come naturally.

Where do you get your material from?
Any and Everything.

What are you not particularly good at?

Chicken Republic or KFC?
It’s the Republic all the way

What is your most embarrassing moment?
I came out of a public rest room and did not realize that my skirt had gotten caught in my underwear. . The world got a good view of my hinder parts, and I was doing catwalk oh. Chai!

Which one item can you not leave home without?
Chewing gum

When was the last time you tried something new?
I’m actually trying out a new life style right now. LOL

Whose life has inspired/influenced you the most?
MINE! It’s been full of dramatic tragicomedies (for lack of a better word)

It’s about time that I…(please complete sentence)
Lost all this weight!

My life wouldn’t be the same without…(please complete sentence)

The most interesting time of my life was…(please complete sentence)

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Making the Chigul brand bigger and better .

Thank you for digging deeper with us and letting us into the life and times of Chigul, we truly wish you the very best for all your future endeavours.
Stay tuned for the next EbonyLife and Times edition where a good time is had by all! And remember, life is short and time is swift so don’t dull, make a difference


Wetin Be Pidgin and Where E Dey Come From? (What is Pidgin and Where Did it Come From?)

Wetin dey happen my people? Kilon shele? How far? I hope sey you bam?

Have you ever wondered where pidgin originated from? Or why so many Nigerians can speak it but not necessarily know how to speak their native language? Well, read on to find this out and more. I promise I won’t bore you!

Okay, so first up pidgin can be argued to be (though many people would beg to differ) the Lingua Franca of Nigeria, in other words the “Bridge Language” and to define it further, is the language that is widely used as a means of communication amongst most Nigerians.

Let’s talk about pidgin as a whole; there are different kinds of pidgin. West African Pidgin (Nigerian Pidgin, Cameroonian Pidgin, Sierra Leone Krio), Indonesian Pidgin (Tok Pisin, spoken in Papua New Guinea) as well as Pidgin spoken in parts of Asia and the Caribbean.

It is said that pidgin takes more of a “baby talk” approach and seems to imitate toddler speech or phrasing (calm down, I’m not saying that people who speak it sound like babies oh, just listen to the explanation first). Toddler speech doesn’t have any tones and uses simple vowels and like Pidgin is used to get what you want, using whatever communication and terms of reference you can (in the quickest way possible). Originally, pidgin was a few well placed words here and there with gestures to accompany them, and the rest as they say is history.

The beauty of pidgin is (should I call it beauty? Erm…..let me say “straightforward”) the straightforward thing about pidgin is that unlike other languages, pidgin can be as structured or unstructured as necessary. There aren’t really any structured rules to the game. It isn’t however, used as a mother tongue but over generations and over time the language has evolved and adapted hence giving it accommodation as a “first language” for new generations.

Okay, so I’ve gisted you about pidgin as a whole but now let’s take a look at Nigerian Pidgin gan gan.

All right here goes, another word for “Pidgin” is “Brokin” and is well recognised compared to other creole languages since most speakers are not true native speakers, many children however do learn it at a young age.

It was reported in 2006 that Nigerian Pidgin is the native language of approximately 3 to 5 million people and is a second language for at least 75 million people (now, that’s alotta people).

Can you believe, there are 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria and pidgin is the one language that people from all over Nigeria have in common? No one is saying that every Nigerian knows how to speak it, or even understands it but the majority do. What’s more, ethnic groups do have their own distinctive additional words for example, Yorubas love starting or ending sentences with “se” or “abi” so using it in a sentence, Yorubas would say something like “Se you go come back later?” or “you go come back later abi?” meaning “are you coming back later?”. I love that sentence I just used to illustrate my point, it highlights another trait of Nigerian Pidgin- the use of two opposites in one sentence, side-by-side “go” and “come”(you’ve just gotta love pidgin haha). Igbos do the same thing, so they would say “Nna, I dey vex for una wella” which means “Man! I’m so upset with all of you”.

Nigerian Pidgin differs all around the country. Now let me name some of the different dialects of Nigerian Pidgin: there’s Warri, Sapele, Benin, Port Harcourt, Lagos (especially in Ajegunle), Onitsha and others. Out of everywhere in Nigeria, pidgin is spoken the most in Niger-Delta where most of its population actually speak it as their first language (I bet you didn’t know that, ey *wink*)

Nigerian Pidgin actually shares similarities to Caribbean Pidgin. This is because descendants of slaves taken to the New World of West African origin brought back words and phrases from Patois to the Western part of Africa.

Some of the similarities include the tendency to repeat words/phrases for example, Jamaicans say “passa-passa” which means “scandal/drama” and “pyaa-pyaa” meaning “sickly” (the list goes on). Examples of Nigerian pidgin include “yama-yama” meaning “disgusting” and “laye-laye” meaning “never”.

Even more interestingly, the use of words is also similar. Jamaicans when speaking patois use the word “boasie” which means “proud” whilst Nigerians use the word “bosi” which also means “proud. Jamaicans use the word “unu” and Nigerians use the word “wuna” which is derived from the Igbo word “una” meaning “you people” (though most people do use the word “una” or maybe they’re saying “wuna” but I don’t hear the “w” hahaha) . In patois, “pickney” is the word for “children” whilst in pidgin the word is “pikin”. The use of “dey” or “deh are found in both patois and pidgin. This means that sentences like “where you dey/deh?” would be understood by Jamaicans and Nigerians to mean “where are you?” There are sooooo many similarities, (no wonder some of these Nigerian artists love speaking patois in some of their songs hehe, Nigerians would fit in nicely in Jamaica and vice versa).

So there you have it, the origin of “Pidgin”! If you want to learn pidgin or develop your pidgin further whilst having fun, be sure to tune in and watch ELR8D every Sunday at 20:30 CAT and 19:30 WAT on EbonyLife TV DStv Channel 165 where entertainers Chigul and Emma oh ma god countdown the top eight nostalgic things that represents Nigeria.