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Showing Feb 18 | Girls Talk Nigeria | TOMI ODUNSI, DJ LAMBO FETISHES AND FLIRTATION The first hot topic is fetishes and it leads Tomi Odunsi to share a strange story…Then Michelle shares a even stranger story…Today’s question of the day is mind bending. Bolanle issues a warning to men coming at her.


Showing Feb 17 | Girls Talk Nigeria | ADESUWA ETOMI THE PRESSURE TO PROPOSE The African fact for today is about the world’s largest diamonds. Today’s guest is fast-rising Actor Adesua Etomi. And she’s quite vocal…If you’re one of Bolanle’s Admirers, you should note this…And before we go, Bolanle shares a video that sparks up ... Read More

Valentine’s Day: What does that mean for the singletons?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I have to dedicate this one to the singletons! Let’s talk “the single life”. There are some people who cannot do without being in a relationship whilst there are others who prefer the single life. The thing is if you can’t be happy during the single periods of your life, chances ... Read More

An African City: Love, Grief and Jollof Rice

Showing Feb 15 | Episode 3 | Love, Grief and Jollof Rice For many in relationships, love eventually leads to loss. For Nana Yaa, she is still feeling the loss of her ex Segun as well as her recent break up from Fidel. For Makena, she is now embracing a new relationship with her new ... Read More


Showing Feb 10 | Girls Talk Nigeria | INI EDO, SEYI SHAY THINGS UNMARRIED WOMEN DON’T DESERVE Ini talks about her weight loss journey. The Panellists share their opinions on the long standing debate “should prostitution be legalized?”

Interview Episode Nigeria: DEFYING THE ODDS

Showing Feb 8 | Interview Episode Nigeria | FESTUS FAJEMILO, MR FAJEMILO, MRS FAJEMILO DEFYING THE ODDS Festus Fajemilo is a 12 year old boy with Hydrocephalus, a disease of the brain that has left him with permanent physical deformities. Meet him and his parents as they share his journey and how he overcomes physical ... Read More

Girls Talk Nigeria: FITNESS FAB

Showing Feb 1 | Girls Talk Nigeria | OBINNA ANABA, FEMI SOLEBO, NNEKA ANINGO, OMOWUNMI AKINNIFESI FITNESS FAB Fitness is a trend that has gained grounds in Nigeria over the last two years. On this episode, we take a closer look at this trend as well as its sustainability. Is it for everyone? Is there ... Read More

Girls Talk Nigeria: RACIAL PROFILING

Showing Feb 3 | Girls Talk Nigeria | DENOLA GREY, BLOSSOM CHUKWUJEKU RACIAL PROFILING Find out what the Panellists think about racial profiling. Denola shares a very cute throwback picture.

An African City: Another Returnee

Showing Feb 1 | Episode 1 |  Nana Yaa happily welcomes another returnee, her cousin Adoma. Immediately, it is evident that Nana Yaa and Adoma have two different views on the “returnee experience.” Nana Yaa and her circle of friends are happy to embrace the western lifestyle, while Adoma is adamant about the local/grassroots experience. ... Read More

An African City: Sweating the Small Stuff

Showing Feb 8 | Episode 2 | Sweating the Small Stuff Returnees are often accused of “sweating the small stuff” when living in an emerging market such as Ghana. For Nana Yaa, she considers her continued jealousy over her ex Segun and his fiancé Kukua as small and petty, further compounded by her current boyfriend’s ... Read More