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‘why did you stay with him?’….  ..silence… Her sobs scratched out into my ears as I sit straight into a corner of my bed, the cellphone pressed firmly against my ear. The device is hot; we’ve been at this for over an hour.  ‘I don’t know……maybe because I loved him…’ Now, I’ll say “I don’t ... Read More

Forbes confirms Mo Abudu as First Woman in Africa to launch a Pan-African TV Channel

Famous Talk show hostess, Media personality and TV producer par excellence, Human Resource Management Consultant, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist extraordinaire and CEO EbonyLife TV, Mo Abudu, has been named the first African woman to establish and launch a pan-African TV Channel by Forbes. TINAPA, CALABAR (AUG 01, 2013) Forbes Media, world renowned establishment which has ... Read More