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First photos: Denrele Edun, Denola Grey, Zina Anumudu, Bayo Oke-Lawal, and more at the 'eXploring' launch hangout in Lagos

Apr 10, 2016 Guests were yesterday hosted to an evening of fun, food and good music ‎‎at the ‘eXploring’ show launch hangout held at the Oasis Medspa, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The hangout, hosted by Denrele Edun, had several guests including Bayo Oke-Lawal, ​Bidemi Zakariyau​, Toyin Poju-Oyemade, Wale Gaffar, Remi Ogunkayo, and more in attendance, while artiste, John Bethel provided the music.‎

Hosted by Denola Grey​, ​Zina Anumudu​ and Biodun Laaro​, ‘eXploring’ is a 30-minute series showing on ONTV built on interesting interview topics that provides an in-depth look into the sights, sounds and realities of living in Nigeria – with discussions on stories, issues and events targeted at young Nigerians.

#eXploring hosts, Denola, Zina and Biodun at the formal launch of the show 2

Zina Anumudu at the #eXploringHangout in Ikoyi

Wale Gaffar, Denrele Edun and a guest at the #eXploringHangout


Toyin Poju-Oyemade, the director, at the #exploringHangout in Ikoyi

John Bethel serenades Tracy at the #eXploringHangout

John Bethel serenades the audience at the #eXploringHangout


Guests at the #exploringHangout in Ikoyi 6

Guests at the #exploringHangout in Ikoyi 3

Guests at the #exploringHangout in Ikoyi 2

Denola Grey, Toyin Poju-Oyemade, Remi Ogunkayo, Red Media Acting MD, Zina Anumudu and Biodun Laaro

Bidemi Zakariyau, Bayo Oke-Lawal at the #eXploringHangout

(L-R) Bayo Oke-Lawal, Nobo Ezeala and Denola Grey at the #eXploring Hangout

#eXploringHangout's host, Denrele Edun with John Bethel at the launch in Ikoyi

#eXploringHangout's host, Denrele Edun at the launch in Ikoyi 3


D'banj, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Phyno and other A-list celebrities lived their music at the just concluded #HeinekenGidiFest.

Mar 30, 2016 – The highly anticipated 3rd edition of the #HeinekenGidiFest went down on Saturday, 26 March 2016 with performances by several A-list artists and the first ever Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ – THE TAKEOVER session in West Africa.

The event which held at the Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, had performances from D’banj, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Phyno, Timaya, Adekunle Gold and others.

Fans were treated to THE TAKEOVER, a unique music experience which allows them to ‘takeover’ from the music DJ using customized wristbands provided by Heineken Nigeria.

“Heineken is as into live music experiences as their fans are.That’s why it celebrates, encourages, and enables music fans to be more active music live-rs,” said Ngozi Nkwoji, Senior Brand Manager, Heineken Nigeria. “Because to fully experience music, it’s not enough to just listen to it, you have to live it.”

The event was hosted by Nigeria’s Sensei Uche and South Africa’s Nomuzi, while Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ – THE TAKEOVER session was hosted by David Jones David.

Heineken also provided free transportation for music ‘live-rs’ as part of its commitment to the ‘Don’t Drink & Drive – Enjoy Heineken Responsibly’ message.

The-'Live-Your-Music'-bar THE-TAKEOVER-host---David-Jones-David THE-TAKEOVER-live-at-#HeinekenGidiFest THE-TAKEOVER-session THE-TAKEOVER-writbands Timaya-at-#HeinekenGidiFest Tiwa-Savage-at-#HeienkeGidiFest Tiwa-Savage-performing-at-#HeinekenGidiFest Yemi-Alade-at-#HeinekenGidiFest #Heineken-VIP-lounge Adekunle-Gold-on-the-#HeiinekenGidiFest-stage Adekunle-Gold's-'Orente'-dancers A-'TAKEOVER'-selection D'banj-'Kokomaster'-on-the-#HeiinekenGidiFest-stage- D'banj-on-the-#HeinekenGidiFest-stage D'banj's-dancers-on-the-#HeiinekenGidiFest-stage DJ-OBI-on-the-#HeiinekenGidiFest-stage Firework-at-Heineken-Gidi-Fest Fireworks-at-#HeinekenGidiFest Funbi-and-Poe-performing-at-#HeinekenGidiFest Heineken-Hostess Hosts-of-the-night--Sensei-and-Nomuzi Live-Your-Music Mama-Africa-on-#HeinekenGidiFest-stage music-'live-rs'-participating-in-THE-TAKEOVER 'Orente'-crooner-on-the-#HeiinekenGidiFest-stage Phyno-on-the-#HeiinekenGidiFest-stage Rachel-Kerr-at-#HeinekenGidiFest


An African City: Dirty Thirty

Showing March 28 | Episode 9 | Dirty Thirty

In this episode, the five ladies celebrate Nana Yaa’s 30th birthday and they all plan on bringing dates to her 30th birthday bash. Sade’s date is a Caucasian man, Herman, who Sade is embarrassed about dating openly. Zainab’s date is a revolutionary, always complaining



An African City: Things Fall Apart

Showing March 21 | Episode 8 | Things Fall Apart

In this episode, the five ladies explore whether when things in life are perceived to be falling apart, are they really falling apart or rather coming together? With Zainab, she battles malaria all while concerned about being unable to find a qualified assistant. With Sade, she is enthusiastic about being introduced to “twi porn”. For Makena, things in her relationship with her African-American boyfriend Stephan appear to be falling apart when she is not as enthusiastic as he is to find out his “African roots” on ancestry.com. For Nana Yaa, things seem to really be falling apart with Edem considering a reoccurring issue regarding his ex- wife. For Ngozi, has she finally met her future husband?


An African City: A Life of Expectations

Showing March 14 | Episode 7 | A Life of Expectations

In this episode, the five ladies take stock of the expectation of men that they date. With Zainab, she dates a man who does not “come” in women, afraid of his dates getting pregnant. With Nana Yaa, concerning her household, she has certain expectations of her new love interest Edem. With Makena, rather, she is not meeting the expectations of her African- American boyfriend Stephan who expects her to be just as interested in historical slave monuments as he is. With Ngozi, she is done having expectations about dating and has now decided to pour her attention into volunteering throughout the city of Accra. Once she does that, she gets what she least expects. With Sade, she expects to have bigger breasts than her dates, an expectation that is not met when she starts dating a man with “man boobs.”


The “it” guys of EbonyLife TV – Lamide Akintobi

I’m sure you recognize this beauty from EbonyLife TV’s hit show, The Spot…it’s none other than Lamide Akintobi who is a journalist, TV personality and aspiring documentary maker with a love for gadgets and “techie stuff”, travel, music, books and food. Lamide Akintobi has a B.A in Broadcast Journalism from Texas A&M University- Commerce,  where she became a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. She also has a Masters Degree in International Journalism from City University, London.

Lamide would consider her life well lived if it includes a lot of laughter, good food, good friends, a fantastic playlist, and interesting, challenging experiences. She doesn’t have a favorite food, but she can’t do without her “carbs”. Her family is the most precious thing to her in the world.


An African City: The ISMs

Showing March 7 | Episode 6 | The ISMs

When Sade is called “entitled” by a complete stranger, the whole concept of the “entitled returnee” is brought to light – as well as several other “isms” such as nepotism, feminism, sexism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, classism, traditionalism. For Zainab,  the  constant power outage leads her to engage in a “generator war” with her next door neighbor, an elderly man who does not have time for Zainab and her “entitled generation”. For Makena, her traditional aunt and uncle find it hard to warm up to her African-American boyfriend, especially when their servant addresses the uncle as “master”. For Nana Yaa, she explores the “pull out method” with her re-kindled flame Edem, with Zainab pointing out that the “ims” in that poor decision. For Ngozi, she has no “isms” on her mind. The only thing on Ngozi’s mind is the fact that her nipples keep getting hard several times a day – in public.


An African City: Got Goat Meat

Showing Feb 29 | Episode 5 | Got Goat Meat

Nana Yaa, Sade, Makena and Zainab teach anxious Ngozi how to cook a meal for her new love interest, an endeavor she hopes will secure her position as wife worthy. Things change, however, when religious, innocent Ngozi finds this same love interest in an interesting position in the bathroom. For Makena, she finds that she only “comes” in the missionary position and refuses any other sexual position, much to the dismay of her boyfriend Stephan. For Zainab, her fascination with the crime channel (especially, “Scorned: Women who Kill”) may be the reason she is scaring off some of her potential dates. For Sade, bumping into her married boyfriend’s wife does not rattle her, but something else about the encounter…does. For Nana Yaa, we begin to see life through her mother’s eyes.



An African City: The List

Showing Feb 22 | Episode 4 | The List

Nana Yaa, Sade, Ngozi, Makena and Zainab explore their “dream guy list.” Zainab’s dream guy has a thing for armpits. Sade’s dream guy is a famous Ghanaian boxer who has to be celibate during training season. Stephan is Makena’s dream guy, but he appears to be the dream guy of every other woman at the office. Ngozi’s dream guy is a development specialist with an offensive view of working in poverty reduction, offensive to Ngozi at least. And Nana Yaa begins to date an IT professional named Edem, but he appears to still be way too familiar with his ex-wife.



Showing Feb 18 | Girls Talk Nigeria | TOMI ODUNSI, DJ LAMBO


The first hot topic is fetishes and it leads Tomi Odunsi to share a strange story…Then Michelle shares a even stranger story…Today’s question of the day is mind bending. Bolanle issues a warning to men coming at her.