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Fifty beams light on Lagos big babes

Described as the golden age, the attainment of fifty is crowning is many instances. Very absorbing and engaging are some of the intricacies life bears on many people. For women, the date perhaps signifies when many things are ‘south’ bound. It is scary for some women. And Fifty, a new movie written and produced by Mo Abudu, ... Read More

Review: The Africa Hollywood Doesn’t Want You to See Feasts in Biyi Bandele’s ‘Fifty’

“Fifty” follows four African female lead characters into a riveting exploration of life’s paradoxes; love and lust, faith and logic, power and vulnerability, wisdom and youth, all culminated against the tropically insatiable backdrop of Africa’s fastest growing city, Lagos, Nigeria. After being shortlisted in the ‘Love Category’ of the prestigious BFI London film festival, themed ... Read More

Mo Abudu’s ‘Fifty’: A Follow Spot On ‘50 Something’ Women Of Nigeria

MOVIEGOWERS can’t wait for December 18 to come. On that day, Mo Abudu’s outstanding and entertaining movie, ‘Fifty’ will be released in all the cinema’s nationwide. Set in Lagos, ‘Fifty’ explores the diversities and complexities of people through the stories of four women. There is no doubt that ‘Fifty’, one of the most intelligent movies ... Read More

FIFTY: The Countdown is ON!

Nov 05, 2015 Nigeria, are you ready? The greatly awaited film ‘FIFTY’ premiere is approaching and the countdown is on! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be finding yourself finishing off quotes like “that man is nothing like a beast, I have to get someone to slit his throat!” from the trailer that has been ... Read More

Let me catch my breath

Imagine not being able to eat your favourite food because it may kill you, or not being able to play your favourite sport because it may kill you? This is oh so real to asthmatic people all over the globe. Someone who is living this is our very own Mr. Incredible (M.I). The Nigerian award ... Read More

Wise up! What you don’t know about “Autism”.

1st April 2015 Ever been to a restaurant and seen an “unruly” child and thought “gosh, this child is spoilt and has not been disciplined well”? Well…don’t jump to that conclusion yet…the child could in fact be “autistic” Let me feed your knowledge with some of the signs that can be identified in persons with ... Read More

Spring your dream to life!

1st April 2015 We have entered the fourth month of the year (gosh, isn’t the year just flying by?) Some of us may have started the year having made promises to ourselves that “this year I’m going to do this”, or “this year I’m going to do that”! Easter is being celebrated on Sunday 5th April ... Read More

Wake up and get more sleep!

9th March 2015 Have there been occasions where you have woken up feeling more run down and more tired than when you went to bed? I know I have! We have so many awareness weeks and awareness days throughout the year but not everyone can relate to them (though everyone can gain from the knowledge they ... Read More