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Heaven’s Helpers

“We have seen a lot of women begging in the street. We found out that most of them are widows, without any support, trying to get money to take care of themselves and their families. Conflicts are also causing women to suffer. Some have had to leave their omes and families, left with no means ... Read More

A Green Man Seen on the Streets of Uyo

“I am an air traffic controller in Uyo Airport. When I am not directing planes in the sky, I run SOFER Initiative. It is an organization that creates environmental awareness and aims to bring about change in people’s attitude towards it.” What is the most important thing people need to know about the environment? “The ... Read More

Twin Brothers Deal withSharp Knives

“We run Speed Meals Mobile Kitchen, a food services company.” Why did you start Speed Meals? “When our father died in 2010, we realized that we would not be able to support ourselves, our mother and seven siblings on the salaries we made as office cleaners. We knew that we could cook well and enjoyed ... Read More


The sparkle of her jewels paled in comparison to the sparkle in her eyes. “I tried working for someone. That didn’t work out. I also attempted a few businesses, but couldn’t quite make it. I read somewhere about goldsmithing and tried to find someone who would teach me. After that training I continued reading and ... Read More


He asked if he could take my picture. I asked him what makes him shine.  “You see this wheelchair I’m in, it doesn’t stop me at all. I am a photographer and I have trained other photographers. I run the Hope Dey Foundation which organizes charity events that benefit widows ... Read More