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White Rabbit: Secret to Successful Businesses

What do you do? “I run a business support service company for small and medium scale enterprises called White Rabbit Concepts. We organize free seminars instructing entrepreneurs on how to successfully start and operate a business.”

Why teach business skills? “Nigeria has a large youth population. Over 50% percent of young graduates are unemployed. If people who have business ideas have the right knowledge on how to run those businesses, they will not only provide employment for themselves, but they will eventually be able to employ other people. I learnt this the hard way. My first few attempts at business were not successful. I later realized that, even though I had good business concepts, I lacked the knowledge to effectively run the startups and make them profitable. After going to business school and learning the necessary skills for my business, I decided to make this same knowledge available to other budding entrepreneurs.”

If the service is free, how are you able to fund it? “I raise money from my own event management company. It is my way of giving back and ensuring that other business owners have a chance at building successful businesses and, eventually, improving the economy in Nigeria.”

What quote do you live by? “If not now, when? If not me, who? We can’t always wait for government, we can do something to make a change right where we are.”

Ijeoma Okeagu is making a change in Abuja by providing free business classes to entrepreneurs. Find out more about Ijeoma and other change-makers. Watch “Naija Diamonds” every Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

You can reach Ijeoma through

White Rabbit Concept Ltd

Website: www.whiterabbitnigeria.com

Email: whiterabbitconcept1@yahoo.com


Mother Goes Out on a Limb for Other Children.

The room was full of parents and playing children. I went to speak to one young mother who was beaming with pride.

What do you do?“I run The IREDE Foundation, an organization that helps child amputees. So far, we have provided prosthetic limbs to more than 5 children. We also provide emotional support and counselling to amputees’ families. We also organize events to break stereotypes about child amputees.”

Why did you start the Irede Foundation? “My husband and I made the hard decision to amputate our daughter’s right leg when she was two years old. As difficult as that decision was for us, I had the support of family and friends to see me through. I realized that there are other parents out there going through the same experience who don’t have a support system.The IREDE Foundation is my way of helping families who have been through our experience overcome the emotional and physical ordeal of amputation.”

What is your mantra? “Disability is a thing of the mind … at The IREDE Foundation we extendlimbs and raise champions out of child amputees. Our joy is to see these children live a self-fulfilled life

Through the work she is doing at The IREDE Foundation, Crystal is also a champion.

Crystal Chigbu is a mother based in Lagos whois providing care and support for child amputees. Every week, “Naija Diamonds” shows amazing Nigerians who are creating positive change. Watch it Saturdays at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on Ebonylife TV DStv channel 165.

Would you like to join The IREDE Foundation in raising young champions? Contact them through:

Website:  www.theiredefoundation.com

Twitter:  @theirede

Facebook :www.facebook.com/theiredefoundation

Email – info@theiredefoundation


The One-Woman Justice League.

What do you do? “My life’s work is ensuring that victims of sexual abuse and injustice get hope and respite.”

How did you get involved in advocating for victims? “I, myself, have suffered both physical and sexual abuse, so I know personally the ordeal that victims go through.It is a frustrating experience. When a woman who has been abused reports the incident to the authorities, she is accused of doing something to provoke the act. After reporting a case several times without redress, many victims lose hope and give up. I act as a mediator and a voice for those who seek justice. Rather than complaining about the system, I have decided to be the change that I want to see in the society.”

“My hope is that, in time, Nigeria will have the proper structures in place for victims of crime and injustice. Evil people will always be evil; when they manifest as such, the law must make provision for the victims to get justice.”

What is your mantra?“You can never go wrong doing things right.”

Dorothy is doing the right thing for so many victims of abuse.

In Abuja, women who have suffered abuse or injustice turn to Dorothy Njemanze, a vocal advocate for victims’ rights. On “Naija Diamonds”, we bring to you stories of remarkable Nigerians  like Dorothy who are speaking up for others. Episodes air each Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

Do you want to support Dorothy’s cause? You can contact her through

Dorothy Njemanze Foundation


Email: dorymanze@gmail.com


Providing the Care in Healthcare

After a busy day at the hospital, this nurse doesn’t rest. Brdget’s work continues in her neighbourhood. She is well known in her community and beyond for attending to anyone in need of medical care.

 “Sometimes I receive a call in the middle of the night. I can’t turn anyone down because I might be the only person who can help them. I have my own emergency medical kit at home for such cases.”

What makes her story even more endearing is the fact that she does not collect money for personal care that she renders. “Many of these people do not have money to go to the hospital and pay for drugs and treatment. I try to help in whatever way I can.”

What drives you to do this? “I believe that if you are a medical professional you should help in communities where they don’t have access to good health care.”

Her caring heart has saved many lives.

In the city of Jos, Plateau State, Bridget Agochi is a nurse who provides free medical services to widows and the poor n her community. Watch “Naija Diamonds” every Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) on EbonyLife TV DS tv channel 165 to hear more about Bridget and other compassionate Nigerians.

To support Bridget’s work, contact her through

Faith Alive Foundation

No 29 Zik Avenue

Jos, Plateau State


Young Man Found in a Farm

I expected to see an old man, weathered by time and stress. I was surprised to meet a lively young man with a warm smile. Adeniyi Adenuga is not your typical farmer.

“Before going for my national youth service, I did a three-month course in aquaculture. When I returned from service I started my first fish pond.”

Why didn’t you look for a job like most graduates? “My first degree is in Agriculture and Animal Production, so I wanted to put my training to use. More importantly, I believe there is a huge gap in agriculture that can be filled by young people like myself.”

Beyond several fish ponds, I produce hatchlings, process the fish and raise livestock like goats and chickens. I also train other young people to start their own farms. A few of my friends are now farmers who I have helped start up. I have also travelled to different conferences talking about  youth in agriculture. My motto is ‘Do Agric; it pays.’”

In Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Adeniyi Adenuga is reviving agriculture among young Nigerians. Find out more about his green revival and the efforts of other change-makers on “Naija Diamonds” every Saturdays at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

Would you like to contact Adeniyi? You can reach him through

Tepebo Farms

Website: www.tepebointernational.com

Email: adenuga.adedeji@yahoo.com


The Abuja Flasher

The volume of the music intensifies. I can see he is eager to start.

“I run a dance school for teenagers and young adults. I also help organize flash mobs to generate publicity for companies and NGOs.”

Why dance? “Dance is a natural way to express yourself. Young people have a lot of energy that must be channeled properly. My company, ReDance Africa, gives youth an avenue to discover their talents. We also provide mentoring to help guide them in making positive life choices.”

“It has also been a positive personal journey for me. Dance has opened up opportunities for me. I have been invited to speak at several youth forums and received awards and recognition for my company’s work.”

He joins the other dancers to start their next routine. With more young people like him, Africa’s future will be Bright.

Bright Jaja is a young entrepreneur in Abuja who is shining a positive example to the youth through dance. He is among other Nigerians who are shaping the future. Watch these stories Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) on “Naija Diamonds” only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

Do you want to know more about the work Bright Jaja is doing? Contact him through

Redance Africa Foundation

Website: www.redanceafrica.org, www.powerof9ja.com

Email: Jajabright94@yahoo.com, redanceafrica@gmail.com


Filmmaker Creates Shelters out of Melodies

“This thing we call life is very difficult. If you cannot make it easier for the next person, please, don’t make it harder.”

In what way are you making life easier for other people? “I organized a reality singing competition for orphanages around the country.”

What made you come up with this idea? “I am an engineer and a filmmaker. My first film, ‘Nnenda’ was about the experiences of orphans in Africa. We took a tour of orphanages in Nigeria after shooting the film. One thing I always noticed was that whenever you visit, the children will come out to sing to you.  So, music seemed like a natural way to get the orphanages involved in a competition. We gave out over N20 million in prize money to the top eight orphanages. That money has gone a long way to help improve their infrastructure and welfare.”

“Orphans are not the architects of their plight. They are victims of life’s unfortunate circumstances. That makes them our responsibility.”

What is your mantra? “Loyalty is rare very rare, if you find it, keep it.”

Diamonds, like Adonijah, are also very rare.

Adonijah Owiriwa organized the first reality singing competition for orphanages, “Melody Shelters”. He is an example of how each of us can make life better for the next person. His story, and those of other compassionate Nigerians can be seen on “Naija Diamonds” every Saturday at 20:30 CVAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV, DStv channel 165.

To support Adonijah and Melody Shelters upcoming projects, contact him through :

Princewill Trust

4b Eleme Street, Old GRA, Port Harcourt, River State.

Email: adonaio@yahoo.com

Phone: 08055093142


He’s a Dream Maker!

Somewhere in Jos, a young artiste with big dreams of becoming a star sings his heart out in a recording studio.

About 220kilometres away, in the city of Kaduna, that young artiste’s benefactor is pursuing his own dream.

“If you are receiving from the society you must give back in one way or the other.”

How do you give back to the society? “I am very passionate about entertainment. I used to organize pageants and entertainment shows as far back as 1993. I didn’t make money from it, but, my love for entertainment never died. Now that I have a flourishing business I feel the best way to give back to the society is by assisting the less-privileged who need a break in life. I identify talented young artistes who have positive messages and I sponsor their studio recording sessions.”

What is your guiding principle? “What then shall we say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Obori Musa is making dreams come true for young artistes. He is among 18 special Nigerian who are giving their time  and money to helping others. Find out more on “Naija Diamonds” Saturdays at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

Would you like to contact Obori Musa?

Drecot Printing Press

No 83 Kachia Road, Sabon-Tasha, Kaduna, Kaduna State

Email: teejaydee2010@yahoo.com

Phone: 08103500665


The Prescription for a Satisfied Life

After a tedious 6-hour drive by road, a ferry ride across a river, and another 2-hour drive I met him at a small border community.

“Can you imagine a pregnant woman with labour pains in the middle of the night having to cross the river and drive several hours just to get to the nearest clinic? When I became a doctor I swore to give my life to the service of humanity. When I arrived here and saw the state of healthcare in the community I realized that I was given an opportunity to uphold that oath to serve.”

The community is grateful that he did. “Before Dr. Raji arrived the clinic was just a shell of a structure. Because of him, the facilities have been upgraded with equipment and drugs. Before, we had to travel far just to get treatment for malaria. Now, simple operations are performed right here in theprimary health centre.”

What is your mantra? “According to Sam Smith, ‘No society can surely be flourishing and happy of which far greater parts of its members are poor, sick and miserable.’”

Dr. Raji is one Diamond who is helping society flourish.

People in Agwara, Niger State and neighbouring communities enjoy good quality health care thanks to Dr. RajiRazaq. Watch his remarkable story of sacrifice and those of other exceptional Nigerians on “Naija Diamonds” Saturdays at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV DStv channel 165.

Dr. Raji Razaq can be reached at:

Comprehensive Health Centre,

Agwara LG, Niger State.

Email: rajioworasaq@yahoo.com

Phone: 08059466400



“Becoming the winner of the first ‘Miss Wheelchair’ pageant has given me a platform to educate society on the special needs of people with disabilities.”

What kind of awareness are you creating?

“In developed countries, public buildings are easily accessible for people in wheelchairs and the blind. Nigeria needs to adopt such standards to enable people with disabilities play their own role in building the country. Basic things like wheelchair ramps, wider bathroom stalls with rails and clean functioning toilets rather than pit toilets can make life so much easier for people with disabilities.”

She is a beauty queen, singer, advocate for the disabled and inspiration to many. Grace Jerry is one of the many Nigerian unsung heroes who we celebrate on “Naija Diamonds”. Be inspired every Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV channel 165.

Are you interested in supporting Grace’s efforts? Contact her organization

Inclusive Friends

(Organization for & By Persons with Disability)

No 92 Lomay Road, SabonBarki, Jos South, Plateau State.

Email: ms.wheelchair@yahoo.com